BEMRU Workshop on "Advancement in Academic Career and Enhancing Research"

The Building Economics Research unit of the Department of Building Economics organized a workshop to encourage advancement in academic career and to enhance research in favor of the academic staff of the Department on 20th December 2016. The workshop was a full day programme covering the topics; ‘Aspiring to be an Academic’ (by Ch.QS. Indunil Seneviratne , Senior Lecturer), ‘Ultimate goal of been an academic’ (by Ch.QS. (Mrs.) Kanchana Perera, Chief Student counselor-UoM), Research Collaboration and Funding (by Dr. (Mrs.) Yasangika Sandanayake, Head of the Department), ‘Research Dissemination and Recognition (by Dr. (Ms.) Thanuja Ramachandra, Director of Post Graduate Studies, Faculty of Architecture), ‘Post graduate Pathways’ (by Dr. (Ms.) Sachie Gunathilake, Senior Lecturer), and the ‘Journey towards PhD’ (by Dr. (Mrs.) Anuradha Waidyasekara and Dr. (Mrs.) Chandanie Hadiwatttage). The workshop was concluded with an open discussion on BEMRU strategic plan for 2017-2020, where the academic staff shared their views and proposed strategies on academic progression and research enhancement.